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Data Planning for Results

Wondering what kind of results you can expect? Need to make a case to your boss to implement a new marketing plan? We can forecast your results, based on data that is specific to your organization. It will show, on a monthly basis, what revenue each marketing channel you are considering is expected to generate. We can create this forecast a few years into the future if you like.

How do we do it? We create a spreadsheet that has a projection for each marketing tactic. We can add your offline marketing too! The inputs include monthly spend, so the calculation will predict Return on Investment. We also use some variables about your sales/profit that we can help you compile, and the rate of sales conversion. The output is your revenue. The tool is interactive, and can be adjusted on the fly to see the impact of a change in any of the variables.

Then, during the execution of your marketing plan, month by month, input your actual results for comparison to what was predicted.

Analytics to Inform Marketing Strategy

As your marketing is executed, everything that will give insight into how to continually and markedly improve your results, should be measured. Without Performance Analytics, your marketing strategy will soon become outdated to your organization.

Most of all, the metrics are our guidance system for prioritizing and pivoting within your marketing plan and its content.

Metrics to Track Results

You must know how well your marketing is performing, and we break all that down for you into an easy-to-understand, actionable story.

Examples of Some of the Tracking We Employ

  • Website usage and conversions
  • Multivariate (A/B) testing
  • Traffic sources
  • Campaign tracking
  • Email conversion statistics
  • Sales funnels
  • Marketing intelligence that can empower your sales team
  • Search engine feedback on the crawl-ability and speed of your site
  • Phone call tracking
  • Ad analysis
  • Social engagement

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