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Our Process

1) Assess

We go through a discovery process to evaluate all the elements that can impact marketing strategy decisions. We interview you, assess your website, and review any data you may have collected.

2) Plan

We use what we learned from the assessment to create a marketing strategy that uses your budget to the most potent extent in reaching your goals. For most of our clients, the main focus is revenue growth.

3) Execute

Once the plan reaches a place where you and we love it, we enact to the extent you need us to. Sometimes we train your team on execution. Other times we do some or all of the heavy lifting.

4) Measure

Measurement and analytics drive our internal decision-making on your project. Data shows us what works best, and where to make changes to continue to squeeze out more results. For you, we distill down to the most important data conclusions, enabling you to constantly understand your results.

5) Repeat

A successful marketing plan constantly requires assessing, planning, doing, and measuring. This process has strengthened us to always put strong plans together from the start, and also to improve those plans incrementally with precision over time specific to each client’s situation.

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