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Websites and Apps

Our Expertise

Our clients come to us for websites and applications because they have realized that getting results requires more than just a pretty design or a WordPress theme. Your project team will have the following expertise:

  • Graphic Design that balances modern design and beauty with UX (User Experience)
  • Development committed to security, flexibility, and Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • The future of your marketing in mind
  • Sales conversion

Simple Projects

We typically work with websites on flexible platforms that allow for all of an organization’s marketing needs. Examples include WordPress, Magento, and BigCommerce. Note that most subscription platforms (e.g., Squarespace, Weebly, Wix) are not a good fit for our clients. These very entry-level platforms do not allow for marketing flexibility and success. We can help you grow out of these when you are ready.

Cost on simple website projects is largely driven by:

  • Whether we can leverage your existing platform and content to create a better design
  • If you need professional copy writing for the web text
  • What marketing mechanisms you want in place when you launch the site
  • The level of customization your design requires
  • What functionality your website requires

Simple web and application projects begin between $3,000 and $7,000, and usually do not exceed $25,000.

Complex Projects

Complex projects are typically those that involve things like:

  • complex ecommerce
  • the creation of a new application
  • integration of the website into other company functionality

Examples of such functionality include a marketing intelligence/marketing automation system, or operational databases or software. Whether an ecommerce project is considered Simple or Complex depends on a number of factors.

For new web or mobile applications, our approach is to use Agile Development. This “lean” way of operating enables you to go to market with a minimum viable product and the most frugal use of your resources. If you are considering raising capital, investors will need to see this.

We begin with research and workshopping to ensure the product we build allows you to capitalize on the greatest opportunity, in a way that allows you to monetize early.

Complex web and application development begins at $25,000 and can exceed $100,000.

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