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Digital Project Management

We at New Sky do digital project management consulting, as well as actual outsourced project management. Our clients bring us in on this if:

  • the details of constantly-changing digital innovations are a missing strength on their team
  • they are frustrated with client satisfaction and retention, budget overrun, timelines, or the output of their website or digital marketing projects
  • they want to provide clients with more of a strategic vision
  • they need leadership in offering more comprehensive digital marketing strategies
  • they have overflow

We can audit your processes and approach, guide you on what changes to make, and implement those changes as needed.

We regularly manage website design and development, direct marketing teams, compile strategies, and manage internal marketing and branding projects for small organizations and mid-market companies.

For projects that warrant it, we bring in an expert in Lean Process and Agile Development.

All of our services can be white-labeled, and this service, should we interact with your clients, is best white-labeled.

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