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Consulting and Sleuthing

The  internet and its growing marketing opportunities can be daunting and confusing. Those in charge of growing revenue come to New Sky for education, insight, or troubleshooting in the vast world that is the internet. Below are some of the ways we commonly help.

Consulting on Ecommerce

Navigating the best practices of Ecommerce, and how they relate to your company’s specifics, is challenging. Whether your online store is your sole means of revenue, or it supplements existing offline sales, you have crucial needs. We can help you understand your specific assets and barriers to getting:

  • potential customers to arrive on the website that are able and ready to buy what you have
  • those users to follow through with the sale once they arrive
  • the buyers to keep coming back

If you are stuck on one or all of the above, we can help you understand what you are missing, and prioritize what you can do to rectify the issue(s) with the resources you have.


User-centered design is something that most graphic and website designers are not experts in. Nor should they be; their job is to make things beautiful. But don’t underestimate the relationship between the user’s experience on your website and your results. When we build websites and applications, we ensure the design revolves around getting the user to do what you want them to do.

If you have concerns about the user experience on your existing website, we can help you understand what isn’t working. If you don’t have a UX (User Experience) expert on your web team for a new website, and you care about what users do on your site, you should add one.

The other instance we get called for UX guidance is on specific marketing efforts. This can include efforts like improving the conversion on landing pages, or on email marketing layout and language. We recommend we measure the results of all usability changes, but that is up to you.

Marketing and SEO Audits

Poor usability is not the only results-inhibiting problem a website, application, or marketing tactic can have. We evaluate any and all aspects of marketing and web presence to determine what is in the way of achieving your results, and how it can be solved. Our Search Engine Optimization page has details on our SEO Audits.

Brand Management and Web Reputation Services

The internet may seem like a massive black hole sometimes, especially when you are trying to get to the bottom of something like incorrect information about your business. Here are a few of the problems we’ve solved:

How do I take over a Twitter handle of language that I have trademarked, but that someone else claimed before I did?

How do I get old lies or negative comments off Rip Off Report, when Rip Off Report says I can’t?

Why does my old business address show up all over the internet and on maps, even though I already told Google my business moved?

How do I get Facebook to let me rename, or change the Vanity URL of, my Facebook page?

Marketing Intelligence & Automation

There are all kinds of tools that assist with all kinds of marketing automation, as well as fancy data collection that gives your sales team person-specific intelligence that can be used to drive more sales. We help companies and non-profits determine the best tools, with any necessary integration plans, to meet their needs.

Audience Research & Personas

We love data, so if you are interested in collecting qualitative or quantitative data on your audience to do any of the following, you have come to the right place.

  • Determine what marketing avenues, online or offline, are best to reach your audience
  • Fuel a detailed, targeted content strategy
  • Beta test your application
  • Identify what new product or product lines to add or modify

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