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Online Ad Campaigns

Social Ads

Advertising on social media allow for unique targeting, based on the information users share, on their behavior, specific to that platform. Social ads can be effective for several purposes:

  • To grow your following
  • To increase the engagement of your existing followers
  • To advertise your products or services
  • To support your SEO
  • To create awareness, interest, and engagement in in-store events and promotions

Google Adwords

You will always have a certified Google Agency Partner working on your ads. We create a custom ad approach that is based on:

  • Your budget
  • Your niche(s)
  • Your demographic and geographic target
  • Industry research Google makes available to Agency Partners
  • Our own research and experience
  • Any other marketing you will do simultaneously
  • Any existing, or future, advertising data

Mobile and Location-Based

Local businesses and retail chains of all sizes have a lot of opportunity today to capitalize on increased mobile device use. Advertise based on the current physical location of targeted individuals, or integrate your advertising with mobile apps. We evaluate your market environment and your goals and resources in order to determine what form of mobile or location-based advertising will yield the best results.

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