Client Challenge

Owner Caitlyn was concerned about her website not only looking outdated, but also that it’s architecture, and bloat over time, was negatively affecting her search engine potential. As a strictly online business, search engines are crucial. New Sky had previously done a one-time SEO overhaul on the site, and it was at the top of page 1 on Google for the main keywords, but the website was holding Caitlyn back from getting even more traffic.


Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Analytics, Copywriting



The goals were to get a modern, professional website that did a better job of helping users find the product best for them, and creating a site organization that would allow her to pick up more search engine results.


  • Designed a website using modern, mobile-friendly design and high-end website characteristics, such as video as a design element
  • Changed the site organization to make one page per audience type, as well as write content that walks the client through the choices they are best served making
  • Added foundational Search Engine Optimization inputs into all pages
  • Continue to write a Search Engine Optimized blog


  • Launched the modern, mobile-friendly website January 2016 that tests well on speed tests
  • Increased the website visits on this seasonal business 97% over the previous season, with a 72% increase in number of unique users. Engagement on the site increased as well, with a 266% increase in Pageviews, and visitors staying on the site 197% longer nearly immediately. This is important because the first part of the year is the busiest part of the season.

"My websites are my lifeline. Thanks to New Sky Strategies, they are updated, modern, and working - and in the background it is all being taken care of while I can keep working on the business - is a huge worry eliminated." - owner Caitlyn Beall

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