Client Challenge

High Plains Packaging makes plastic packaging in which marijuana dispensaries sell their products. Displaying images of marijuana on a website is illegal, so we needed to represent what the products are for without actually showing the products containing marijuana. We also needed to create a brand image and message that spoke to both the medical marijuana community, as well as owners of other types of dispensaries as they grow in number. The client also needed a label and package design for an additional new product, an odor remover.


Product and Art Photography; Custom Ecommerce Website Design; Brand Messaging; Copywriting; Product Label and Packaging Design


The goals were to create an attractive, responsive ecommerce website design and language that spoke to all members of the target audience and represented in a glance what the products are, and can do.

Meanwhile, in short order, the client needed to go to market with an odor remover product. They needed a label and package that would allow dispensaries to display the product near the checkout counter, and that would encourage customers to add it to their order.


We worked with the client extensively to understand:

  1. their audience and the concerns and challenges marijuana dispensaries face, and
  2. how their company and products relieved some of the important problems dispensary owners face (laws, odor, etc.).

We conducted two types of photography shoots. One was product photography, to display each product on the website, at different angles, and in such a way that a zooming function could be applied. The other type of photography was artistic photography, in response to the need to display the product metaphorically, since we could not show images of the product holding marijuana.

Meanwhile, we created textual metaphors to bring the imagery and the brand messaging together. We also used this brand messaging as the foundation for website copy.

We then brought everything together to complete a website design that met all of the goals.

We also created the tagline, label, and package design for the client’s odor remover spray bottle product.


  • We created a main, and a secondary, visual metaphor for the product that portrayed the image the client desired.
  • We came to a consensus with all stakeholders on a common set of terms to use, and the overall brand message. E.g., the tagline is Picked Perfect, Packed Perfect.
  • The client loved the website design, and approved it with no changes.
  • The client’s reaction to the product label design was, “Wow. Awesome.” The product is now on the market and being sold in dispensaries.

"Wow. Awesome." ~ Janice Meissbach, High Plains Packaging

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