Client Challenge

Amble Resorts wanted to bring in more interest for existing resorts, as well as a new resort development. They wanted more quality web traffic via higher placement in search engines. Yet, they said, “we’ve worked with SEO consultants in the past, and they just gave us general SEO best practices.” They needed actual, implementable tactics, and results.


  1. Gain more qualified leads by gaining higher placement in search engine results for “product” keywords
  2. Decrease website bounce rate and increase the amount of time visitors spend on the site, and the number of pages they visit
  3. Decrease the existing advertising spend by gaining more organic traffic
  4. With the increased traffic, convert more visitors into mailing list signups without spending on advertising
  5. Become an authority on meaningful travel by connecting with other travel websites for exposure
  6. Obtain 500 backlinks within 6 months.


We first completed an audit and SEO consultation for Amble Resorts. The client’s reaction: “The deliverable was exactly what we were hoping for. Melanie provided implementable SEO advice as it applies to our specific set of needs. We had such a great experience, we went on to hire New Sky Strategies for a next-level SEO project.” That project was a Keywords Analysis the following month.


  1. One year after project completion, Emily, Amble’s Marketing Manager at the time, said, “Things are going very well with our SEO… we started to rise in search for Panama Resort… it’s really amazing, as that is our most ideal keyword and also one of the most competitive that we vie for.” Emily explained that, in the month prior, they got five times as many website visits as they had rooms in the resort from that keyword alone, and this was before they were even open! Emily goes on: “… we were able to accomplish this because of your keyword strategy… I feel like the search engines gave us a gold star of approval and we’ve had a much easier time since.”
  2. After project completion, bounce rate decreased 18%. The amount of time on site increased by 23%, and pages per visit increased 15%.
  3. In the six months after the projects’ completion, organic traffic increased 390%, from under 550 visits per month on average, to 2,687 average visits per month. Emily confirmed four months after the projects that they were no longer spending any money on ads.
  4. Four months after our projects’ completion, Emily confirmed, “our mailing list is growing organically.”
  5. As of March 2016, TripAdvisor and Luxury Link are among the top ten referring websites, with hundreds of other travel sites on the list, including,,, and
  6. They did achieve 500 backlinks the following quarter, and it continued to increase, with about 3,000 as of March 2016.

"Your services are worth every cent. Before we hired you, it was two painful years of guesswork and wasted time and money. I despised SEO until you made it work for us, and now it's going to save us. It's invaluable for a small company." ~ Emily Kinskey, Amble Resorts

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