Client Challenge

Dan, Vice President at an 11-employee travel agency, was getting complaints from clients who had driven to a location that no longer existed. Even though Dan had tried to change the address on Google and other sites many times, they reverted back to the old information. Listings with incorrect information were all over the internet.


Web Presence Sleuthing: finding and eliminating bad data across the web



Get the old address off the internet, and only have the new address show, so customers were not confused.


  • Identify all the listings that had any incorrect business information.
  • Correct (and optimize) the listings that allowed it. For all, track down the data source, and change the information there as well.
  • Our updates got overridden just as the client’s did. We discovered the reason: their Dex subscription (who was supposed to be managing all these listings) was overwriting everything with incorrect information. We worked with the Dex sales representative to solve the issue. (Beware of Dex!)


  • Our audit identified 37 websites and maps that had incorrect business information of various manifestations, including double and triple listings under outdated  business name variations.
  • We corrected and optimized all 37 directories.
  • We helped the client understand and re-evaluate their Dex service and save money each month, and we helped Dex to follow through on what they promised.

"We hired New Sky Strategies to fix some problems that were created by another SEO Optimization company. Melanie had our issues fixed in two weeks and helped us design a new website with organic SEO optimization in mind. I can't recommend Melanie highly enough. I wouldn't think of doing a project without her." ~ Dan Lekki, Carol's Travel

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